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Nehar Shalom offers a place of learning, prayer and spiritual seeking, and service to others and the
world. We offer a place where the basic skills of living Jewish life can be learned at any stage
without shame or embarrassment, where all are encouraged and celebrated in the embrace of
community. Our community is committed to accessibility. We are comprised of members from varying backgrounds and ages with every person having something to learn and to teach. We strive to create opportunities for all to do both. Nehar Shalom offers traditional davening, a place to celebrate
Jewish cycles of time, and acknowledgement of the Jewish cycle of life. Through connection,
we provide a place to receive the care, counsel, and teaching of a rabbi.

What does being a member of Nehar Shalom mean?

Nehar Shalom is committed to cultivating inclusive community dedicated to creating connection and making real a more just and equitable world through social justice, Jewish practice and ritual.

Yes, our little community is fueled by member's generous contributions, but our members do so much more. Being a Nehar Shalom member means many different things: it is the devoted schul goer to the occasional drop-in, those who add community voice by serving on a committee to those who help create programming and events, and those who show up for our neighbors in times of joy, need, and everything in between.

What are the benefits of membership?


  • Weekly communications from the Rabbi inspired by life and the week's Torah portion

  • Access to weekly office hours with the Rabbi

  • Inclusion in our member-specific list-serves

  • Opportunities to participate in Schul leadership through committees or the Board of Directors

We are proud of our membership policy that reflects inclusive values. Our suggested dues are 1% of household income, which allows each household to determine an affordable amount, without the need to justify. If this is a barrier to membership, we encourage you to contribute an amount that is meaningful and affordable. We value our members for all of their contributions – monetary and otherwise.

Questions about membership?

​Please reach out to Rabbi Leora at or to Paula at

For questions about payment, adjusting, or cancelling your membership please contact Paula at

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