Nehar Shalom Tuition for
2021-2022 School Year Programs

Nehar Shalom is committed to making our Jewish learning opportunities available for all who seek them in the community. The tuition numbers listed below reflect the cost of the program in recent years. 

  • If the cost listed is prohibitive, please be in touch with Morgan Meyer, Chair of the Education Committee, at, to confirm a tuition amount and payment plan that is reasonable for your circumstances. 

  • Those who are able are warmly encouraged to consider making an additional donation to help ensure these programs continue to be available.


Family Learning Circle: (once a month, for children ages 3-6 and their adults)

  • $230 for one child

  • $390 for two children

  • $450 for three or more children


Mishpacha Program: (roughly weekly, for children ages 7-11 and their adults)

  • $875 for one child

  • $1,375 for two children

  • $1,750 for three or more children


These programs are currently offered to anyone who is interested in joining, whether or not they are members of Nehar Shalom. 

Please note: In the coming months the Nehar Shalom community will be addressing a range of questions about the meaning of membership, ongoing commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive community, and a sound future for our synagogue. These conversations will shape many aspects of Nehar Shalom’s programming, including the education offerings. If you are not currently a Nehar Shalom member but are interested in participating in these conversations please do connect with Education Co-Chair Sherry Grossman

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