In this time of COVID, our Shabbos gatherings and schedule continue to evolve. Check back on this page for the latest information!

Fall 2021

We are currently meeting for in-person, outdoor Shabbos services. All are welcome, and we ask you to sign up in advance. The sign-up document is sent to members by email; if you need the link, please reach out to Paula - If you are not a member and would like to attend any services, please reach out to Rabbi Leora - at

You can read the full policy information and practices for public health and safety here.


Updates as of 7/25/21

  • The COVID committee is actively monitoring the delta variant and the rise in COVID cases in Massachusetts.  For now, there are no changes to the policy for outdoor events.

  • Indoor events (including high holidays services) will be allowed with the following policies in place:

    • Adequate ventilation that maintains CO2 levels below 800 ppm is required.

      • The COVID committee is working on obtaining a CO2 monitor and window fans for ventilation.  Until these are obtained and tested, no indoor events can take place.

      • A member of the COVID committee will be responsible for tracking CO2 levels at all indoor events.  Multiple breaks should be built into longer services, so that if CO2 levels begin to approach unsafe levels, we have an opportunity to ask people to temporarily leave the room and implement more ventilation.

    • Everyone, including service leaders, must be masked

      • For accessibility, we recommend clear masks for service leaders, so that people who need to lip-read can do so.

    • Social distancing is required.  Per guidance from the Synagogue Council of MA:

      • When COVID cases are below 7/100,000 in Boston, distancing of 4 feet between households is adequate.

      • When COVID cases are above 7/100,00 in Boston, distancing of 6 feet between households is required.

      • Rituals can take place as long as social distancing is maintained.  For example, a Torah procession is allowed, but service attendees must be asked to remain at their seats and not cluster together around the Torah.

    • No food or eating indoors.