Nehar Shalom is a community co-created by our members. Your presence is valued in any way you show up. There are many ways to be involved, from attending services to cooking a meal for someone who needs it; to serving on the Board to helping build our website. You can read about our existing committees below, and reach out to learn more. If you see a gap and want to create a new committee or working group, please be in touch with Rabbi Leora at or a Board Member.

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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors includes people with all kinds of experience in community leadership. Board members support our committees in building a thriving community while working on the vision and sustainability of Nehar Shalom. If you are excited to think about who we are and who we can

be as a community, consider

joining the board!

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Chesed Committee 

The chesed committee looks after the needs of Nehar Shalom members in times of joy and sorrow. Chesed means kindness and its expression is an essential element of community.

As a member of Nehar Shalom,

there is much opportunity to

nurture connection among us and

to deepen community.

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Development Committee

Have a passion for bringing people together? Our Development committee helps in cultivating fundraising opportunities and events.

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Ritual Committee 

The Ritual Committee is responsible for the prayer and ritual life of our community. We support current and new davening (prayer) leaders and Torah leyners (chanters), make decisions about our service calendar, and lead the community in discussions about shared practice.

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Finance Committee

Our Finance committee helps with the financial management and planning of our community. 

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Family Education Committee 

The education committee directs both the goals and functioning of Nehar Shalom's two educational programs. The committee is made up of the Rabbi, the Educators, parents and other engaged members.

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Adult Education Committee

Our adult education comes together to plan classes and events for our community.