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Brit Milah/Naming



Our B-Mitzvah program is designed to accommodate our community’s diversity while also creating a supportive community of families to accompany and support each other through the process. We use the language of “B-Mitzvah” instead of “B’nai,” “Bar” or “Bat” Mitzvah because it is a non-gendered way of referring to this Jewish rite of passage. (We will encourage each student and family to find and use the language that best fits them.)


The program includes the following components: 

  1. Family Learning Series alongside other families preparing for B-Mitzvah: this series of programs builds community, explores the significance of B-Mitzvah and introduces important Jewish concepts 

  2. Individual Tutoring: To prepare each student for their celebration shabbat service

  3. Attending at least 3 shabbat morning services prior to B-Mitzvah (at Nehar Shalom or other synagogues): this will help each student and family become comfortable with the services as a context for B-Mitzvah ritual.

  4. Independent Project: Each student will undertake an independent project to develop their Jewish knowledge, identity, and experience in a direction that they are excited about. 

Families must be members of Nehar Shalom to participate in the B-Mitzvah program. 

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