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Membership at Nehar Shalom

Being a member of Nehar Shalom is an opportunity to co-create our community. Whether through participating in services, family programs, or learning; giving or receiving a meal or other kinds of support; sharing your own celebrations and losses, and joining others in both joy and sorrow, your presence in our community matters. As our congregation continues to grow and change, members play an important role in making decisions about who we are and how we do things. Becoming a member affirms your commitment in building Nehar Shalom’s future. 


Specific benefits for members include:

  • Priority registration at services and programs when spaces are limited.

  • Regular Shabbat emails from the rabbi and the option to participate in a members listserv that allows us to connect both personally    and communally.

  • Special access to pastoral counseling, lifecycle support, and learning with Rabbi Leora, our rabbinic intern, and our education staff.


Resourcing Our Community

We ask each member household to make an annual or monthly contribution in order to help sustain our inclusive, multi-generational community. Membership dues are the primary way we fund our community activities. With around 170 adult members in the community at present, our goal is to average $1,000 per adult (not per household) in membership dues. We are proud to be a multi-class community, and have proposed the below sliding dues scale based on household income.











Everyone is welcome and valued as a member, regardless of their ability to pay. If the above suggestions are a barrier to membership, we encourage you to contribute an amount that is meaningful and affordable for you. We value our members for all of their contributions, monetary and otherwise. 

Please consider the amount you wish to pledge in membership contributions annually.


Thank you for being a member of our community!

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 11.06.47 AM.png

Membership Registration and Renewal

All members, new and returning, must complete this form in full. Thank you!

Are you a new or returning member?

Adult 1

Additional Adult(s): Please list all additional adults in your household in these fields, separated by / marks

Child(ren)'s Name(s): Please fill out fields for all children in your household, separated by / marks.



Membership Contributions

Financial Contributions:

Would you like to contribute annually or monthly?
Would you like to pay by credit card or check?

If you are paying monthly by credit card, after paying here, your card will be automatically charged each month.

If you are changing the monthly amount you are paying by credit card please send an email to with the name on the credit card and the prior amount so that you are not double charged. Thank you.

Volunteer Contributions:

The contributions of time, energy, and creativity from our members are just as important as financial contributions. If you are already involved in a committee or project, thank you! If you are interested in becoming more involved, let us know:

Choose all that apply:


A yahrzeit is the anniversary of a death. If you want Nehar Shalom to remember the anniversary of death of anyone in your life, please share their information below.

Please include the date, including year, of the person’s death. You are welcome to provide the date on the Gregorian or Hebrew calendars; we will mark the date according to whichever calendar you provide. If you wish to observe the Yahrzeit on the Hebrew calendar but don’t know the Hebrew date on which they died, please use this tool. Rabbi Leora is always available to help with this.

Accessibility and Permissions

You have the option to choose check or online payment after you put in your contact information. Thank you!

Thank you for joining Nehar Shalom. We are so grateful to be in community with you!

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