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Preparing for Purim

Join folks from Nehar Shalom as we spiritually prepare ourselves for Purim this year. Wednesday, March 20, 7:30-9 pm, 5 Green St.


In the past as we approached the complicated holiday of Purim, some of us may have recalled fond memories, or felt ambivalence or aversion towards its excess. We may have delighted in the opportunities for reversals and gift exchanges it brings, or shuddered at its function as the steam valve on a pressure cooker of more dogmatic or traumatic moments and places in Jewish history. Some of us may have avoided the violence in the Megillah, relegating it to the safer realm of fictional comic narrative violence or a revenge fantasy that is for entertainment purposes only.

But this year some of us - many of us - may feel dread at Purim’s approach. This year is not like other years. The themes and events in the Megillah strike uncomfortably close to home. The festival’s absurdity and excess interwoven with themes of state-sponsored violence and wielding of power against ethnicised Others may feel at best inappropriate and at worst re-traumatizing.


How can we listen to megillah this year, a story in which a threat of extreme violence is made against Jews, a story in which Jews enact extreme violence against non-Jews, claiming self-defense and with clear overtones of revenge?


During our megillah reading, we will invite the community to draw on some of Judaism's grief rituals to help us adjust the way we receive the megillah this year. We also invite folks to gather on Wednesday evening, March 20, to spiritually prepare together, to ask: how can you best listen to megillah this year? What needs to change? What is the particular spiritual work that Purim is calling you to do this year, and how can we do that work together, in community?

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Saturday, March 23rd
6 Eliot Street

Join Nehar Shalom and Kavod at 6 Eliot St

for a megillah reading

followed by a lively dance party featuring amazing live music played by Kavod community members,

a DJ set by the one and only Ray-Ray, and some very special musical guests to be announced soon!

7:45 pm ma'ariv (brief service) and megillah reading

9:30 pm Dance Party with live music and a DJ set


You are welcome to join us just for the dancing or just for the service or for both! A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Show up dressed in your Purim best, and please bring cash or a phone with Venmo to make matanot la'evyonim (gifts to the poor which are one of the mitzvot of Purim).

Please note: high-filtration masks are required at all Purim events per Nehar Shalom's Policies


Purim Morning

Sunday, March 24th
Hebrew Rehabilitation Center
1200 Centre Street, Roslindale

We are thrilled to celebrate Purim with the Hebrew SeniorLife folks at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. 

Nehar Shalom will be hosting all of our morning programming in their beautiful synagogue. We are excited to have a truly ALL-ages celebration!


9:30 am: Shaharit / morning services

9:45 - 10:15 am: Special programming with Yardena for ages 0-6

10:15 am: Megillah reading

Join us for Shpieling and entertainment along with the Megillah Reading, all of which will wrap up around 11:45. There will be crafts and other activities for people of all ages concurrent with the Megillah Reading.

Please come in costume!


Able to arrive at 9:15 and stay til noon? We need some volunteers who can help accompany seniors to and from their rooms. You'll be trained on the spot - this is a real mitzvah. Please let Rabbi Leora know if you are able to help out (


Please note: high-filtration masks are required at this event per Nehar Shalom and HSL's policies.

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Parking instructions
for Hebrew Rehabilitation Center

Enter via the driveway on Walter Street, and park in the “upper” parking lot, in front of the building's main entrance.

This is the entrance that google maps directs you to if you type in “Hebrew SeniorLife.” You will see an awning and sliding door which is the upper entrance, and someone from the security staff will be there to direct people to the synagogue. If you make your way to the lower entrance or parking lot by accident, that's OK! You can park down there as well, and staff at that door will help you sign in and direct you to the synagogue.

Matanot LaEyonim  

Gifts For People in Need

The mitzvah of helping those in need is central to the spirit of Purim and reminds us that we are obligated and honored to extend a hand in times of joy and celebration. Funds raised for Matanot LaEvyonim will then be distributed on Purim Day itself so our neighbors in need can purchase food for themselves and their families.

Until 11am on Sunday, March 24th, Purim Day , Yad Chessed will be collecting donations to fulfil the mitzvah of Matanot LaEvyonim.

For more information please click on the button below.  When you make a donation Please note  - Nehar Shalom Member.

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